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Gridlock is a first-person turn-based puzzle adventure game. Your puppy was kidnapped by a dog fighting ring, and you have to delve into the cyberpunk underworld to get him back! Only a test level was completed in time for 7DFPS, but it has a built-in level editor that's worth checking out.

Code by David Rosen, art by Aubrey Serr, and music by Anton Riehl

AuthorDavid Rosen


Gridlock_7DFPS_Win64.zip 32 MB


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I hope you're gonna keep working on this, the level editor and all the movement feel and the env art is great

We do plan to work on it a bit more! Glad you like it :D

I have to admit that the art style is so cool! Gj :)

Holy shiiiiiiiit..... I want this game more! I love the art style and simple gameplay (item gfx on floors are awful, make them as sprites ON floor). Music is also cool, but it should be influenced by action.


deux to see you, how unExpected. It pleasystems my shockindness.

Reminds me of this old mobile phone turn-based doom port called Doom RPG.

Interesting little bug, I put a shield guard in front of a bouncer and then as soon as they saw me they started hitting each other but I took damage. Weird.

Also the footsteps sound suspiciously like rabbit footsteps...

Watch 7DFPS jam 2018 | Gridlock from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv

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Had a blast playing this, great work, David, Aubrey and Anton! I particularly liked the lighting cues. 

I'd love to try the other levels but I'm unsure how to load them. I've tried "Open with..." on the .maze files but no luck. Any clues?

In the game you can press "Editor" in the top right of the menu bar, and from there you can open mazes in the file menu! Then you can choose "Enter game mode" from the menu bar, or press the "Play" button. That's a good point about "Open with..." I should look into how to make that work.


I'd really like to try out this game. It looks amazing. Any chance for a GNU/Linux release?


That will be the first thing I work on when we revisit this at some point!